Sunset Sherbert

New to our stable, this one will surely impress even the pickiest of cannasieurs. Girl Scout Cookies combined with a strain called Pink Panties creates a fruity, bubble gum like aroma. She produces dense, purplish buds loaded with flavor and trichomes. If you haven't tried this one, put it on your list, near the top.

Blue City Diesel

This strain is fast approaching "classic" status. Although, widely distributed, Blue City Diesel is often overlooked these days. High Winds will continue to keep her in limited production for the foreseeable future. The amazing terpene profile of this strain makes it hard to abandon. Couple those terpenes with a surprisingly strong high, and you've got yourself an unforgettable smoking experience. The blueberry lineage comes through in a stinky, funk/fruity flavor, its absolutely unmistakeable.

Sour Diesel

Another classic strain that came around in the 90's, the origins of this one are not crystal clear. Northern lights, a guy called Chem Dawg(or dog), a seed found in a bag at a 90's Grateful Dead or Phish show, and skunk bud are all part of the legend that persists around this strain. Whatever the truth is, the sativa qualities in our cut are real. Strong and uplifting, Sour Diesel does not disappoint.

Blackberry Kush

This indica dominant strain is a northwest classic. Blackberry Kush is easily one of the frostiest strains available. It's purple and dark green nuggets are truly a sight to behold. She typically tests at around 22-24%THC. We won 3rd place in the "Hybrid" category at the 2015 North West Cannabis Classic Cup with this one.

Vanilla Kush

This strain is a Barney's Farm creation. Afghan and Kashmir parents combine to give rise to a unique flavor profile. This "stretch indica" is another heavy hitter that we prefer to enjoy at the end of a hard work day. Our Phenotype is exclusively available from us. We started this from a seed acquired from Barneys in 2010. One of our growers favorites, this strain will be in the High Winds stable for the foreseeable future. Its flavor is hard to describe, but the words sweet and peppery come to mind.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

This well known and popular hybrid strain needs no introduction. We love growing her and she's unique enough to earn a permanent spot in our farms lineup. OG Kush and Durban Poison parentage definitely come through in the flavor.


This is a high CBD strain. 15% CBD and 9% THC make this a good one for someone that wants a little more THC than most CBD strains have. The best part about this strain is the flavor. It tastes and smells like bananas and pineapple. One of the most enjoyable CBD strains available, this one should have a place in everybody's jar. High Winds won 1st place in the "Medical" category at the 2016 Ganjacup with our Pennywise.

Dr. Funkenstein

Bubba Kush x Blueberry

Dr. Funk is a heavy hitting, indica dominant strain. A high THC content makes this a good strain to chill out and relax with. 27-30% THC is common. Big, beautiful buds, that are heavily coated with trichomes are typical. Subtle notes of blueberry present themselves along with an earthy, musky finish.

Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 is another classic strain that has earned its place in cannabis history. She was created by Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm in the 1990's. A well rounded sativa dominant lineage makes this a good daytime strain, that still packs a punch.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure sativa. Her sweet, earthy flavor and aroma are unmistakable. This strain has long deep roots reaching back to 1970's South Africa. Ed Rosenthal obtained seeds and began the long process of selecting what ultimately became one of the worlds most persistently popular strains of all time.


Pure Indica. Hashberry is a wonderfully well rounded strain. It's a rich, fruity version of the classic hash plant. Medium to high THC make this one enjoyable throughout the day, but some people do report that its effects are quite strong. Big colorful, dense buds emanate a pleasant, fruity aroma.

Blue Cheese

Another Barney's Farm beauty, Blue Cheese won High Winds Farm, the Best Indica trophy at the 2015 North West Cannabis Classic Cup. Built upon DJ Short's Blueberry, this strain is a strong, skunky, cheesy indica. This one not only won best indica, it was also the highest scoring strain in all three states that the NWCC was held in, making it the "Best of the Northwest". We are proud to host this strain and give thanks to Barney's Farm and DJ Short for creating such an amazing flavor.

Tahoe OG Kush

Tahoe OG is well known in the "OG" world. Strong, classic OG flavor bursts forth from these wonderful buds. A "must try" for novice smokers and an "unforgettable" flavor for the more experienced. Heavy on the indica side, Tahoe makes for a nice, relaxing day or night.

Dog Shit x Cherry Pie

Dog Shit Sativa has been abundantly available in the Northwest for well over a decade. Cherry Pie brings a nice flavor balancer to this powerful hybrid. Sweet smelling buds remind us of fresh baked pie crust. The sativa effects of the Dog Shit come through nicely in this one. Strong, yet uplifting, the smoke leaves you with a nice, long lasting, chesty high.

Snoops Dream

Apparently Master Kush and Blue Dream are two of Snoop Dogs favorite strains. The results of this combination are probably better than Snoop could have hoped for. Big, beautiful, lime-green buds with pale orange hairs smell of peppery blueberries. A pleasure to smoke, this one will have most smokers coming back for a second and third try.

Our Grower - Brady

Brady has been growing cannabis since 1998. He started in a tiny Southeast Portland attic with a single metal halide light that he split the cost of with a roommate.The extremely satisfying experience of growing his own cannabis led to many years of trial and error. Learning to grow is an ongoing experience, even after 18 years, theres plenty more to be learned. At High Winds, we try to build on this experience and strive to make each harvest better than the last. We believe in the good that cannabis brings to the world, and we grow ours with respect and admiration.

Oregon Owned, Oregon Grown

High Winds Farm was started by Oregonians, and we grow for Oregon. We are proud of where we live. We are proud of the laws that the people of Oregon enacted to bring cannabis out of the dark and into the light. We are excited to be a part of this illumination, and look forward to many years of producing quality cannabis for the people of this amazing state.

Award Winning Results

Success is about continually raising the bar. High Winds Farm is dedicated to growing quality cannabis that nourishes both patients and customers alike. We accomplish this task by noting our best each harvest and setting that as the next record to beat. The process is ceaseless, but deeply rewarding. We are proud that our efforts led to our capturing the titles of Best Hybrid and Best Indica in the 2015 Portland NW Cannabis Classic for our Blackberry Kush and Blue Cheese respectively, as well as the Best Medical in the 2016 GanjaCon for our Pennywise strain.

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